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Welcome to Outlast Builders! We are your trusted residential builders and renovation specialists in Auckland, and we’d love to be part of your upcoming project. At Outlast Builders, we build better, and that is evident in our innovative way of doing things.

Established in 2014, Outlast Builders have gone from strength to strength and have built an excellent reputation as a professional residential building company on the North Shore of Auckland. While our builder company specialises in home renovation and recladding in Auckland, we’ve also been involved in numerous new builds over the years.

We attribute much of our success to the dedication, skill, and experience of our professional team of builders, who always go above and beyond for our valued clients and prioritise the pursuit of perfection. 

Here at Outlast Builders, we are able to provide a fully personalised service that starts at the concept stage and ends at the finishing touches. By working alongside top architects and other professionals in their field, we’re always able to offer you the very best service.

When you choose Outlast Builders, you choose a team that has over 25 years of combined industry experience and knowledge. Our Certified Builders offer you a 10-year Halo guarantee on any of the work that we do for you. Building, renovating, and recladding can be stressful, so it only makes sense to put your trust in a company that will make these processes as enjoyable as possible.


Building a reputation of excellence since 2014

Why Choose Us?

You have many options to choose from when deciding which residential builders in Auckland you’d like to work with, so why choose Outlast Builders?
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Creating The Future

Redefining The Residential Building Experience.

Outlast Builders is an Auckland-based residential building company specialising in recladding, watertight assessments and bespoke renovations.

​We are a full package residential builder, offering services from concept to completion. We work with top architects to turn your ideas into reality and manage the entire process through consenting, specifications, budgets and construction.

What Do You Gain From Working With Outlast?

As our name suggests, when you choose to work with Outlast, you get a residential building and a relationship with a builder that lasts forever. 

Repeat business from our clients and deal-closing referrals are two of the many pillars of our success.

Our teams bring over 20 years of combined experience in recladding and highly customised renovations to bear on your project. With a multitude of renovated homes created from our toolboxes and teams, there is very little that we haven’t seen before on a building site. This means you get solid building advice, practical guidance and solutions that deliver the best return on investment for you.

To add to this rich basket of benefits, we are Certified Builders, which means that you have the added assurance that we not only meet the Certified Builder’s high standards, but you also have access to their 10year Halo guarantee for all the work we carry out for you.

What Sets Us Apart

Do you have an upcoming project that you’d like us to be part of?

Our 7 Promises To You

If you are looking to renovate, then you are probably interviewing lots of residential building companies. You will know we are the right building company for your project when you read our seven promises to you:

  1. You Will Benefit From Our Experience

We promise to apply our best knowledge gained over the many years and many projects to your unique residential building project. Our reputation for success can be confirmed by our happy customers, who will gladly give referrals for our quality of workmanship and service. 

  1. We Will Communicate Well

We will not only communicate well with you but with all contractors on-site or connected to your project. We promise you will not struggle to get in touch with us. 

  1. We Are A Company Of The Highest Integrity

We stand behind our work with pride and will always charge fair pricing. When challenges pop up in the project, we promise to behave responsibly and reasonably. 

  1. We Are Cooperative By Nature

One of our pillars of success is our cooperative business nature. Our teams and supervisors work brilliantly with subcontractors, and we respect the value of collaboration.

  1. Flexibility Is Key

When anomalies (or speed bumps) pop up in a project, we will be flexible and will work with other sub-contractors in replanning schedules. And we will communicate the outcomes of the rescheduling.

  1. Licensed And Insured

We are appropriately licensed and insured with a 10-year Halo guarantee available. This means we go above and beyond health and safety legislation, we are recognised by the industry, and our work will stand the test of time.

  1. Accountability

Our site team, subcontractors and management all hold each other accountable, meaning we have extremely low defect rates because 97% of issues are rectified thanks to our accountability practices.

Our aim is to give you the best Auckland residential building experience ever!