What’s The Best Order For Renovating A House?

If you are planning a house remodel, you might be wondering what the best way is to approach this. In particular, what order should you renovate a house? Rest assured that Outlast Builders has got you covered! In this blog, we will explore the best order for remodelling a house. Let’s get started! What to […]

Looking for a Builder in Auckland? Here’s How to Find the Best

If you have an upcoming renovation or new build project in Auckland, you will probably want a reliable and experienced team by your side. This is where Outlast Builders comes in. For the best builders in Auckland, we come second to none. In fact, if you are wondering how you can find the best builders […]

4 Renovation Ideas To Add Value To Your Auckland Property

Are you looking for the best renovations to add value to your property in Auckland? If so, then you have come to the right place. As renovation specialist, Outlast Builders has compiled a list of the top renovation ideas to boost your property value.  So, what adds value to a house in NZ?   1. Outdoor […]

How to Modernise Your Home in 2024

If you live in a period property that’s beginning to show its age in a less desirable manner, you might be wondering how to update its fittings while maintaining its charming historical appeal. One thing you could do is reach out to renovation builders… It can be challenging to plan a renovation —especially since it […]

The Health Risks of Leaky Homes & What to Do About Them

If you live in a timber-framed home built in the 1990s, it could be one of the ‘leaky homes’ that infamously emerged across New Zealand during that time. Has the property’s cladding visibly deteriorated? Have you noticed damp patches inside the building? You might need to consider recladding services to prevent moisture from penetrating your […]

What to Ask Yourself Before Deciding to Renovate

Do you live in Central Auckland or on the North Shore? If your home in the area no longer works with your practical needs or aesthetics, consider reaching out to our team of house renovation specialists. We can help reconfigure or overhaul your home to suit your liking. Before you give the green light to […]

Renovation vs New Home: Which One to Pick?

House Renovation

 Want to make your dream home a reality? One option would be to have a whole new home assembled to your bespoke specifications. Alternatively, you could get your existing home renovated — such as by bringing Outlast Builders renovation specialists to North Shore if you live in this NZ area. Whether you should go down […]

3 Reasons for Recladding Your Home 

Home Recladding

If you have a plaster-clad home but water appears to keep leaking into it, you may need to have it recladded. Fortunately, we can expertly undertake house recladding in central Auckland as well as this NZ city’s North Shore area and so plug nuisance gaps in a wide range of residential properties.  However, leakiness certainly […]


Bathroom Renovation Project

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. Whether you enjoy an invigorating shower or a calming and therapeutic bath, it is where you head in order to relax. As such, you want it to be just right. Bathroom renovations are big and important projects that can really change your bathroom […]



In 2023, interior décor is looking fun and unique. In fact, as home renovation specialists, we are quite excited by what this year has to offer. Certainly, the pandemic continues to leave its mark on us, as many of this year’s interior design themes revolve around being at home or feeling comfortable within our own […]