(Why You Probably Shouldn’t) Reclad Your Home Yourself

Recladding in NZ might be a top priority for many homeowners across the country, especially for those with a leaky house. A leaky home can have detrimental effects on both the inhabitants and the house itself, which is why recladding is important.  Nonetheless, you might be wondering if home recladding is possible to DIY. Don’t […]

6 Reasons Why Recladding is Important For Buildings


Recladding involves removing existing façade cladding from a building and replacing it with a newer version. This can happen for a number of reasons, including:  1) Damaged façade panels  Cladding panels can become damaged by the weather or by physical impact, among other things. When the protective outer coating is no longer able to shield […]

4 reasons for recladding your home

recladding your home

You might be wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to recladding services in North Shore. Why are people recladding their home? Should I reclad my home? Do I need to reclad my home?  These are all questions that might be running around in your mind, and if so – then you […]

Does My Leaky Home Need Recladding?

You might have heard of the term ‘recladding’ and are wondering what it means. Recladding your home as part of renovating it has been key to solving the issues within leaky homes. In this blog, we will explore what recladding is and whether your home needs it. What is recladding? Recladding involves removing the existing […]

Recladding Your Central Auckland Property – Start Or Wait?

Recladding Your Auckland Property

Timing is a prudent factor when launching into a building project phase. If you are pondering when you should be starting your Auckland home’s recladding or renovation project then don’t feel alone as lots of homeowners ponder this question. Here are some of the leading factors to consider when deciding on your recladding start date. […]

Tips For Your Home Exterior Redesign Or Recladding

Home Exteriour Redesign

When it comes time to upgrade your home’s exterior it can be difficult to work out where to start and what to choose. A lot of decisions are needed so to lighten your load here are some tips on materials, cladding services, colours and more to help you with your project. Let’s get creative! Mixing […]