Choosing your cladding.

Choosing your cladding.

Choosing a cladding or claddings for your home is about much more than enhancing its aesthetics. The right cladding will help keep your home weathertight as well as looking good and can greatly affect its value. So even if you’re not renovating for profit, cladding your property effectively is a wise investment that pays both short and longer-term dividends.

There are now more cladding systems on the market than ever before. It can take a little time to choose, but cladding – used creatively outside and in – is a great way to stamp your own personal style on a property.

Here is a few of our favorites

Timber Weatherboard

Timber weatherboards have been used to clad New Zealand homes for generations. They are a proven weathertight cladding that can offer peace of mind in the wake of our country’s leaky building problems. Timber weatherboard should be maintained well and re painted every few years to keep it weathertight and looking fresh.

Man made weatherboard

Man made weatherboards such as the James Hardie Linea range are a great choice if you plan on painting your property dark colours, due to the fact it will not shrink or expand leaving cracked paint. Fiber cement weatherboards are also fire retardant which is an added bonus for some homeowners. a drawback of the fiber cement weatherboardmis the finish quality, unlike timber which can be machined to a near perfect finish, fibre cement typically exhibits a less than smooth finish.


A luxe choice, which is becoming more affordable as manufacturers develop new techniques and products. For example, Craftstone’s new Schist Clad is made from natural stone cut thin and ready to lay. Quicker to install than full thickness stone, pieces are pre-cut and shaped to reduce cutting and noise on site. It’s also relatively economical as less stone is needed to cover each square metre.


Metal cladding is extremely durable and can last decades in the harshest of conditions. Usually suited to contemporary buildings with clean, sharp lines. It will usually come pre painted, meaning less labour time on site and is a relatively easy product to install for experienced tradesmen.

If your thinking of undertaking works requiring new or replacement cladding and would like a consultation to help you decide which claddings to use on your property, get in touch with us today.

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