Frequently Asked

The cost of recladding a house depends heavily on various contributing factors, such as the design and size of the home as well as the materials used. To give you an idea, a typical house recladding in central Auckland of a 140m2 single-story home could cost around 140k+gst. A more complicated, architecturally complex home of a similar size could cost more than 350k+gst.

At the end of the day, recladding your home is a worthy investment, especially if your home is experiencing leaks. If you are interested in receiving an estimate for the costs involved in recladding your home, Outlast Builders would be more than happy to assist.

More often than not, you will not need building consent for simple bathroom renovations. However, it is important to take into consideration any fittings that you'd like to add. 

If you are simply upgrading fittings, consent is not needed, but it may be required if you are adding new fittings, such as installing a bathtub where one does not currently exist. The same goes for structural work and if the bathroom is undergoing any major changes when it comes to the layout.

If you are adding a wet area bathroom where the shower is level entry, you will also require building consent.

Don’t let consent requirements put you off; speak to our house renovation specialists today.

Please have a look at the video that we created specifically to explain the steps involved in our process of recladding on the North Shore.

Yes, we do. Our team is more than happy to provide you with a free estimate when it comes to home renovation, recladding, and building projects. If you need a QS report or a BoQ, we are to provide these for a small fee.

Outlast Builders stand by our workmanship, and as members of the Certified Builders of New Zealand, we provide our clients with a 10-year Halo Guarantee on all work that we provide. This comprehensive guarantee protects our clients and gives them peace of mind.

Materials, such as cladding and roofing, are protected by a 15-year warranty, but the exact number of years will be dependent on the specific product.

Yes. Outlast Builders are proud to be official members of the Certified Builders of New Zealand. As NZCB-approved builders, we offer a premium level of care and quality when it comes to the projects that we work on. We uphold the latest industry standards and have met all the strict requirements of NZCB with flying colours.

Licensed Building Practitioners are building experts who have been deemed competent to carry out complex, weathertight, residential building projects. These licences are given out so that homes are built right the first time round and to protect clients.

Here at Outlast Builders, all the projects that we work on are completed under the supervision of an LBP.

Here at Outast Builders, we specialise in recladding, renovations, and new builds within the residential sector on Auckland’s North Shore. We have all the experience and qualified experts on our team to carry out these services with ease. If you want to learn more about what we offer, please check out our services page.