How To Maximise Your Auckland Recladding Project

How To Maximise Your Auckland Recladding Project

Recladding Project

If you are planning a recladding of your Auckland home, did you consider extending the budget slightly to incorporate some additional revamping? If you are going to be creating a stunning exterior with a recladding project then it’s the perfect opportunity to add those extra wish-list bits for your outdoor entertainment area. Here are some guidelines to get you going.

Transform Your Outdoor Space

Take some time to measure up your outdoor space then define different zones and their function. Do you have an outdoor-dining, lounge, relax and read or barbeque area? Perhaps it’s a water feature and some landscaping or a dedicated play area for the kids. These are all simple add-ons.

Decide Early & Save Costs

It is important you make all your decisions, sourcing and costing before the project starts. Making changes during the project either involve buying items with insufficient sourcing and price comparisons OR you do extended sourcing and pricing comparisons and delay the project which could come with delay penalties. It also might require “undo-and-redo” costs.

Maximise Your Property’s Footprint

If your home was built decades ago it probably doesn’t have a maximised outdoor area as it wasn’t a big trend in previous decades. Would your back facade benefit from tall, wall-to-wall folding-sliding doors? New exterior wall lighting or a sunny deck?

Sun, Shade And Rain

Have you considered added protection from sun and rain? With a permanent outdoor undercover zone, your living area is immediately expanded. There are options that offer retractable overhead covers or tilting slats to adjust sun and light.

Link The Interior & Exterior

Bringing the outdoors in has been incorporated into architecture since Romans built indoor gardens. Connect your kitchen and living areas to the outside by adding folding, sliding panels or doors or by adding an atrium extension onto these areas.

Increase Privacy & Noise

Adding plants and screens to your outdoor space not only increases visual interest (and property value) through layering. It can also be strategically designed to increase privacy from neighbours or screen out a source of noise. Trees, screens with or without creepers, crisply trimmed hedges, dramatic potted plants, delicate & colourful hanging pots, lighting and a pergola will transform a plain exterior into an award-winning space.

Visually Link To The Existing Style

Whatever you plan for your exterior, keep in mind that it should be a cohesive design that incorporates the look and feel of the interior as well as the resulting architecture after the recladding of your Auckland home. A minimal, monochromatic colour scheme and material choice will fit well into an elegant classic or contemporary style.

Grey has been a popular colour for years but be careful about choosing the right grey as there are many hues of grey e.g. some warm greys can look green or yellow and some cold greys can look purple or blue. Remember to include some textures but don’t go overboard or it could look chaotic. Note: plants add loads of texture as well.

Has this inspired you? Call us to for recladding and transforming your Auckland home!

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