In 2023, interior décor is looking fun and unique. In fact, as home renovation specialists, we are quite excited by what this year has to offer. Certainly, the pandemic continues to leave its mark on us, as many of this year’s interior design themes revolve around being at home or feeling comfortable within our own four walls. In fact, there’s a lot of focus on comfort and relaxation, and treating ourselves right. Materials are soft and colours are warming, adding to that homely feel.  

As such, if you’re thinking about decorating or renovating your home, you couldn’t have picked a better time to do so. Here are just some of the trends that you might like to embrace for your home. 

The Seventies Vibe 

A lot of interior design inspiration is coming from the 1970s this year. And why not? It was a fantastic decade for interior design, providing a lot of unique and interesting trends at the time.  

Seventies interior design uses a lot of subtle red and gold tones like honey, clay or paprika. These can sometimes be blended with bolder colours or tessellated patterns. 

Seating designs are often relaxed, soft and comfortable – perfect for creating a family atmosphere and capturing that seventies vibe.  

If you pick us as your home renovation specialists, tell us that you are aiming for a seventies vintage look and we will happily help you achieve this. 


Comfortcore does what it says on the tin – offers you comfort as its core aim. As such, you can expect rounded forms, luscious textures and furniture that you can really sink into.  

As home renovation specialists, we are experts at creating comfortcore décor that will meet your personal tastes and also allow you to escape the world for a while. 


Traditional interior design is a rustic or country cottage kind of décor that lends itself to times gone by.  

Wall panelling, ruffled furnishings, old-fashioned pantries and traditional wallpapers are all part of this beautiful and cosy look.  

Dopamine Décor 

Dopamine décor is just that – creating an interior design that aims to increase your dopamine levels and make you happy. This trend uses vibrant colours and patterns as well as soft plush furnishings to try and create your own personal place of joy.  

Dopamine décor literally oozes joy, frivolity and brightness, offering you an escapism from the outside world. 

Painted borders 

Having painted borders in your home is a fun and cost-effective way to add colour combinations and patterns to your room. These are all the rage right now, and it is easy to see why.  


A spathroom became a thing during the pandemic but its popularity has endured. This spa-inspired bathroom is relaxing and acts as an area of sanctuary away from all the chaos of life.  

If you are looking for expert home renovation specialists that can turn your house into your dream home, then please get in touch. We have years of experience in interior design and our client satisfaction is second to none.   

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