Is It Time For Your Auckland Home’s Recladding?

Is It Time For Your Auckland Home’s Recladding?

Keeping your home well-maintained is important for the property value, the structural integrity and for simply having a place that you are proud to come home to and entertain in.

The fact that a term was created called “curbside appeal” in the property evaluation industry should be indicative enough. Let’s assess the need for recladding your Auckland home.

How Appealing Is Your Home?

The curbside appeal terminology is not a trade secret that people need to be taught how to assess. That’s because it is an inherent human reaction and arguably 99% per cent of us have experienced it.

For example, have you ever driven up to a house for sale, or to an associate’s house, pulled up outside and thought “heck, this doesn’t look great, I wonder if they look after the inside as badly as the outside” or “Crikey, they must be struggling, things are looking strained”? You have just experienced a bad curbside appeal.

A maintained exterior (and interior) is not all about what other people think though, it is also about you. A neat exterior will lift your spirits and fill you with pride. It will also fill your pockets as it will increase your property value by as much as twenty-five per cent! Now THAT is appealing.

Should You Reclad?

Aesthetics aside, are you experiencing waterproofing issues with your home? This issue will be manifested with leak stains on ceilings or down your wall plaster. You might even have dangerous mould growing in some areas. If there are bulging areas in your walls or cracks that reappear after you have done a touch-up repair then leaks could be behind this.

If leaks have occurred at floor level then your floorboards may have warped or your carpets could have a funky smell. Talking of smells, if there is a lingering musty smell then fungi or mould have set up camp somewhere inside your home and are surviving on a supply of dampness.

Unfortunately, mould and fungi can cause chronic allergy conditions which, in severe cases, can have a neurological effect on inhabitants who are sensitive to these organic pollutants.

If you have any signs of these, please call us and let us help you stop the leaks and restore your interior to healthier living conditions by weatherproofing the exterior!

The Aesthetic Reclad

You may have a clad home already (lucky you!) but it is time to rejuvenate the style and make it more 2022-relevant. Replacing a dated style of weatherboard is an easy and cost-effective way to get a home that looks brand-spanking new. Your friends will wonder how you built a new home so quickly!

An aesthetic reclad project will add enormous value to your property and will make your home the best house on the street. You can turn a conservative style home into a high-end designer contemporary home in a few days. Or you can turn a plain, simple home into an elegant Cape Cod style – all with the transformative application of new weatherboards.

Talk to our home recladding specialists team in Auckland today with any questions you may have! Or leave your number so we can call back and save you the cost of the call.

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