New year new Kitchen?

New year new Kitchen?

Given the sheer amount of requests for kitchen renovations we’ve received in the past few months, we thought it was about time we provided our top tips and advice when it comes to renovating your kitchen.

First things first, lets talk about the most asked question we receive – how much does it cost?

Well, how long is a piece of string? As with any renovation or building project, cost will come down to the level of finish you require, the branding/level of appliances, floor finishes, cabinetry and benchtops – all of which can vary greatly – so in this section we will give you a ballpark idea for each level of finish.

Basic – A basic kitchen renovation will set you back between $20,000 and $30,000

Mid range – A mid range kitchen renovation will cost from $30,000 upwards, usually capping at $45,000

Top end – The cream of the crop – A top end kitchen renovation will cost in the range of $50,000 – $100,000

The prices listed here are based on current market rates and are full project costs, now in saying that, any change to a component of a kitchen can make a big difference to the end cost, so these are to be used as indicators only, and anything is possible with the right building company.

Castella Planar


Benchtops often are the centerpiece of your kitchen, especially if you have a central kitchen island – here are a few options.

Laminate will be the cheapest option and usually the most common in rental renovations or baches – starting around $170/m2.

Stainless steel benchtops are slightly more expensive but with the extra cost comes the level of finish – starting around $300/m2

Engineered Stone is a great choice for a mid to high level kitchen – cheaper than natural stone but still offers its natural beauty – starting around $700/m2

Concrete is an extremely modern and stylish material for countertops – they are usually bespoke and cast specifically for your kitchen, and give you the option to choose aggregates and colours – starting around $1000/m2


For basic kitchen renovations, you may look at re using the existing cabinetry and potentially getting the doors/drawers replaced or re finished, prices will vary dependant on size and age.

For mid range kitchen renovations, your best option is to replace the cabinets across your whole kitchen, this will allow you to make the most of your available space and add the kind of style and design finishes you can’t get with standard cabinets. please contact us for brochures on the available options as there are far too many to list.

And for high end kitchens, High end, custom-made cabinetry is the way forward when it comes to creating a professional kitchen that maximises the use of available space. Think French country style, rustic or ultra modern – you can create your very own look with custom cabinetry and additional details such as splashbacks, taps, flooring, lighting and additional furniture.


In a basic kitchen renovation, you’ll be able to save a lot of money be re using existing appliances. Consider which appliances still work and will likely still work in 5 years time, and replace the defective ones with a standard “like for like” option that ties in with existing appliances and the general theme of your kitchen.

mid range – As every self confessed masterchef would agree – opt for gas or quality induction cooktops, with inwall oven/s, these items alone are a great way to add maximum value to your property. When it comes to the rest of the appliances such as dishwashers and fridges, you could opt for plainer models that can be covered by cabinetry. This has the pleasant side effect of creating a clean, unified look.

High end – I could write for hours – Stainless steel fridges, five or six hob gas stove top or an extra large induction cooktop and double ovens spring to mind when thinking of a high end kitchen, but in this category the possibilities are endless – we have a multitude of appliance brochures through our suppliers available for clients to mix and match and bring their kitchen dream to life.

If you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen, get in contact for your free consultation and estimate – 0800 OUTLAST – [email protected]

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