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Solve A Leaky Home Or Update Your Architecture With Attractive Cladding

With the leaky home epidemic sweeping the nation for the past 20 years, we have become experts in restoring value and integrity to leaky homes and creating some of the most stunning properties in Auckland.

Having completed countless amounts of reclads, we have built great relationships with reclad inspectors, consultants & designers allowing us to create a seamless process from a once daunting situation.

If you suspect your home is leaking or simply want to get rid of the stigma attached to plaster homes, get in touch with us early for a consultation.

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Did you know that New Zealand has been experiencing a leaky home epidemic for the past two decades? When it comes to recladding a leaky home in Auckland, there are no better experts to turn to than the professional team of recladding specialists at Outlast Builders.

Through our expert recladding services in central Auckland and Auckland’s North Shore, it is our aim to create weathertight, beautiful homes that homeowners can rely on for many years to come! We are very proud to have been part of countless reclad projects over the years, and we have built excellent relationships with many specialists in the industry, including consultants, inspectors and designers.

Do you have a leaky home or simply feel as though your home requires recladding to suit your material preferences and design choices? Please feel free to get in touch with us, and our team can provide you with an estimate as well as a consultation.


Our Recladding Projects

Over the years, Outlast Builders have been part of numerous house recladding projects in Auckland. We have worked on many different types of residential properties on Auckland’s North Shore, and we have gained valuable knowledge and experience. Want to see what our reclad specialists are capable of? Feel free to browse our recladding projects below.

Gowing Drive


Calypso Place, Rothesay Bay


Marama Street


Park Rise, Campbells Bay


Parr Terrace, Castor Bay


Rangitoto Terrace, Milford


Why Is Recladding A Great Option?

Recladding a house with a solution that is designed and installed by reclad specialists on the North Shore and Central Auckland, gives your home a new lease of life from a design perspective and from a weathertight perspective. Our teams have decades of experience executing weathertight assessments of houses that need recladding and then designing house recladding solutions.

Our extensive knowledge and experience with weathertight assessments and designs for projects that involve recladding a house or leaky home, has made us the market leaders in recladding services in Central Auckland and on the North Shore. 

Whether your home is a single-storey house or a multi-apartment structure, recladding will boost the waterproofing levels exponentially, update the building’s style and make your resale value soar!

House recladding by experienced reclad specialists will give you:

  • An excellent architectural finish for extensive renovations and even small additions
  • A simple solution for replacing existing, inferior cladding that is past its usable lifespan
  • An affordable solution to replacing incorrectly designed or installed cladding so you can solve your ‘leaky’ issues once and for all.

Our team will assess your home’s unique needs and will produce a customised design and specifications that are enhanced by our company’s legendary knowledge and experience. The Outlast experts have the ability to tackle the most complex leaky building challenges and solve them while remaining within the building code compliance.

Outlast Builders are licensed designers and members of Architectural Designers New Zealand (ADNZ). This positions us perfectly to provide a comprehensive recladding service that will rejuvenate your home and its value.


Want to Learn About Our Process?

Are you interested in the process involved with recladding your home? Fortunately, we have taken the time to create a video that focuses on explaining all the steps involved in the recladding process for your convenience. After watching this video, you will have gained valuable insight into what you can expect when recladding your home with Outlast Builders.

Interested in Our FREE Ebook?

Want to learn more about house recladding? We recommend checking out our ebook, “5 Things You Need to Know About Recladding Your Home.” Our experts at Outlast Builders specifically created this book so that our clients can get familiar with the recladding process and decide if recladding is the right option for them. Please feel free to download our ebook below.

Why Choose Outlast Builders for Your Home Recladding Project


Over 25 Years of Industry Experience

On Time

Connections to Local Recladding Experts


Focus on Customer Service & Communication

Prioritising Weathertightness


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Have a recladding project that you’d like to discuss with our expert team? We’d love to be part of recladding your home.

The Benefits You Get With Outlast Builders

The name says it all, our work outlasts because of our decades of experience and the great pride we have in the work we hand over to you. When it comes to cladding buildings, we have seen it all, solved it all and retained long-lasting relationships with delighted clients. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a client fall in love with their house all over again and then, later, gaining top-notch resale values which deliver them an excellent return on investment. 

This Is Why You Will LOVE Our Customer Service!

​We will not only handle the physical reclad process but will help you choose the perfect architect for you from our network of designers, we will liaise and provide input in the preparation of building plans and specifying of materials so that delays and issues are avoided before they materialize. 

We can also arrange the supply of 2D and 3D CAD drawings if you are battling to visualize the end results. When you consider a recladding project, contact the Outlast Builders team and we can guide you through the full design process to make sure that you get the best result and the best-looking house on the street!