Renovating For The Future – Part 3

Renovating For The Future – Part 3

Part 2 in the series covered reasons to renovate and why now is the best time to make the leap. In this installment we’ll cover ideas to future proof while renovating and our favorite spot to find fixtures and fittings courtesy of Archipro.

Future Proofing

Future Proofing

Going solar

Installing solar panels while renovating is a great way to future proof and add value to your home. Solar panels are generally low maintenance, can be fitted to most roofs and have options to use a “buy back” scheme where you sell unused energy back to your provider.

Solar PV systems do not need generally require planning permission unless the property is a listed historic building or in a conservation area, meaning they can be installed at any time.

Solar Plates

Electric Car Charging

Another great option to consider is installing an electric car charger in your home. More and more new builds and townhouses are coming equipped with electric car chargers given the rapid growth in sales of EV’s, so this is a great option for re sale value should the opportunity present itself.

Electric Car Parking

Air Conditioning and Ventilation

Air conditioning is more than just heating and cooling your home, the health benefits associated with circulation fresh air throughout your home are well documented.

There are some amazing systems available now that do away with the bulky wall mounted units and opt for sleek floor, ceiling and wall grills, colour matched to your homes aesthetic and all controlled from the app installed on your phone, allowing you to set your personalized routines and timings and never worry about coming home to a sauna or waking up and feeling like you’ve stepped into a freezer.

Under Floor Heating

If you’re renovating your bathroom or kitchen, a great option to consider is underfloor heating.

These systems are energy efficient, effortless to run and work with almost all floor coverings, making this one a no brainer.

Great for a set and forget lifestyle, just set your routine and the unit will turn on at your preferred times so you have warm tiles for those morning showers or midnight snacks!

House lock

Our Go To When Choosing Products

If your thinking of renovating and want some design inspo or help choosing the latest and greatest products, fixtures and fittings, then we recommend heading over to Archipro.

Thanks for following along with this series, we hope this has provided some value and given you helpful tips so that when it comes time to renovate, you can hit the ground running!

See you in the next post.

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