The Top 3 Things You Need To Know About Cladding!

The Top 3 Things You Need To Know About Cladding!


Timing is a prudent factor when launching into a building project phase. If you are pondering when you should be starting your Auckland home’s recladding or renovation project then don’t feel alone as lots of homeowners ponder this question.

Here are some of the leading factors to consider when deciding on your recladding start date.

Plaster Exterior

If your home in Central Auckland is plaster-finished, then within a specific amount of years it will develop weather tightness issues. This is standard and requires regular upkeep. The renovation of the plaster cannot be delayed so you must either start that project immediately or start your recladding project immediately. The longer you leave plaster past its maintenance date, the more the structure of the building is affected.

In addition, organisms can take root and unseen infestations can start which is bad news for your health!

Project Costs

Two things that don’t wait for anyone are time and prices. The longer you leave your project, the higher the material prices will climb. Materials are cheaper now than they ever will be in the future.

The Cost Of Money

The other rising financial factor is interest rates. It can be stated with quite a bit of certainty that the interest rates in the future will be higher than they are today. Lock in a good finance rate now and you will win in the long term.

Material Stock Levels

The availability of stock is greatly affected by the date when you start your project. The further away you can start from peak season the better. However, if you are already in peak season then use the time for the design process which is time-consuming, establishing the specification and then placing the orders. Your materials will then be ready for your project to start when peak season is over which is great!

Property Values

The older your house is looking and the more damage there is to the structure, the faster your property value will plummet. In addition to that, over the last 10 years, buyers have become far more discerning as the internet has educated everyone global on most topics. The buyers in the market can easily find better-looking properties or better deals with just a few clicks on their laptops. It doesn’t take them years of research and hundreds of kilometres of driving around suburbs looking for ‘For Sale’ signs. If your property doesn’t look great right now, it will have clicked away in seconds. This could force you to drop your price even further.

Talk to us about your thoughts on a start day for your project and the way that you would like to approach it and let’s find a solution that fits your time and your budget.

Get the best advice on recladding homes in Central Auckland today!

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