What is Recladding and When Do You Need it?

What is Recladding and When Do You Need it?

As reclad specialists in Auckland, here at Outlast Builders, we are built differently. But just what exactly is recladding, and when do you need it? Let us explain all in this expert guide.

Simply put, recladding is the process of replacing the external facade cladding when the existing cladding is deemed unsafe or has begun to deteriorate for whatever reason. Here in New Zealand, cladding tends to deteriorate due to water damage and leakages, which can make the building unsafe. 

Indeed, some have said that the country is experiencing a “leaky home” epidemic in the past two decades, which is why it is so important that you are able to ensure that you have a waterproof, and weathertight home that you can enjoy for years to come – and here at Outlast Builders, we offer that solution, and at highly competitive and affordable price points.

But it’s not just homes that may be in need of recladding; businesses will benefit from it too. Old, worn-out cladding does not reflect well on your brand or business image, and may drive away prospective customers – which is obviously something you don’t want, as it can affect your credibility. 

Similarly, poor cladding may result in energy efficiency issues, which may lead to cooling or heating problems. Not only is this going to increase your costs, but it may also directly affect employee morale and reduce productivity, which is detrimental to any enterprise. When this happens, it’s definitely time for a renovation, and as your reclad specialists in Auckland, here at Outlast Builders, we are here to help. Visible deterioration and weather damage to your building, residential or commercial, can have detrimental effects both within and outside the property, and that’s when recladding becomes so necessary.

Here at Outlast Builders, we offer a wide range of services not limited to simply just recladding. However, recladding is essential after your property has begun to deteriorate, as it prevents it from being exposed to the elements, and creates a safe environment for all those involved. If you would like more information about the cost effective, affordable, and high quality recladding services we provide, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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