3 Reasons for Recladding Your Home 

3 Reasons for Recladding Your Home 

If you have a plaster-clad home but water appears to keep leaking into it, you may need to have it recladded. Fortunately, we can expertly undertake house recladding in central Auckland as well as this NZ city’s North Shore area and so plug nuisance gaps in a wide range of residential properties. 

However, leakiness certainly isn’t the only good reason for you to consider utilising a recladding service. Here are other incentives for you to get deteriorating or dangerous exterior cladding replaced…

Recladding Doesn’t Involve Literally Just Replacing Cladding

That’s because it’s important to know what caused the original cladding to fall apart in the first place. If there is an underlying problem, a contractor can uncover the framing as well as inspect flooring, decks or balustrades — not to mention fix any of these features if necessary. 

Basically, if there is a risk that the new cladding will start breaking down prematurely, the contractor can take precautions to guard against this actually happening.

You Can Look Forward to a Warmer and Healthier Home 

When a home is leaky, it may develop damage in various ways. For example, walls could start cracking or bulging, while wooden flooring can warp when puddles of water are left to form on it. 

A leaky home can also bode badly for the occupants’ health, with mould potentially taking root in the property and adversely affecting medically vulnerable people, such as those with allergies. 

Your Home Can Stand Out for the Right Reasons

It’s possible that many other residences on your street are adorned with plaster cladding akin to what has long sat on your own home. Arranging for your home to be reclad, then, can present a great opportunity for you to give it an appealing aesthetic makeover. 

There are various materials — including brick, timber, metal, stone and concrete — you can choose from for your new cladding. What if you intend to put the home up for sale? In that case, keep in mind that potential buyers could be more attracted to the property if they know it has only recently been recladded.

With the specialist expertise we are able to apply to carrying out house recladding in central Auckland and North Shore, we would be delighted to help you if you live in either of these areas. To learn more about our broad remit, please give us a ring on 0800 688 527.

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