6 Reasons Why Recladding is Important For Buildings

6 Reasons Why Recladding is Important For Buildings

Recladding involves removing existing façade cladding from a building and replacing it with a newer version. This can happen for a number of reasons, including: 

1) Damaged façade panels 

Cladding panels can become damaged by the weather or by physical impact, among other things. When the protective outer coating is no longer able to shield the internal metal, the weather can start attacking it and corroding it. Aside from leaving the building open to corrosion, damaged cladding may mean that any safety, noise-control or insulation features have been voided, meaning it no longer meets regulations. Damaged cladding also looks unsightly and will lower the value of your building.  

If you’re looking for home recladding in North Shore, our experts can remove your damaged cladding and replace it in a professional and timely manner.  

2) Improved aesthetics 

Cladding can come in multiple forms and colours, meaning it can improve your building’s appearance in so many ways. Cladding can be an ideal way to make your building look modern or new.  

Furthermore, cladding is low-maintenance as it’s so durable. This means it doesn’t need painting or altering in any way.  

3) Improves leaky home syndrome 

Damaged or inferior cladding can let the rain and other elements in. This causes many problems such as mould, building damage and timber degradation. When this happens, it’s often known as leaky home syndrome.  

This type of cladding isn’t just unsightly, it can also cause health hazards and be unsafe. Recladding your home will solve all these problems.  

4) Improved insulation 

If you opt for home recladding North Shore, then you will guarantee yourself a warmer home. You will update your old cladding to meet new regulations, meaning that the cold and noise will really struggle to get in.  

5) Adds value to your home 

Recladding your home can easily increase its value. Cladding and its insulating and energy-efficient properties are highly sought after in today’s property market. Furthermore, its sleek and clean appearance will also add value. 

6) Legal compliance 

Some buildings need recladding because the cladding already on them is no longer meeting legal regulations. For example, it may not meet current insulation guidelines.  

If your cladding doesn’t meet regulations, the value of your house will be affected until recladding has taken place. If the issue is a safety on—for instance, the cladding is no longer compliant with fire regulations—then you may find it very hard to sell your house while the old cladding is in place.  

If you’re looking for home recladding North Shore then please get in touch. We can provide professional recladding services at excellent rates. 

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