Bathroom Renovations – Do i need a Consent?

Bathroom Renovations – Do i need a Consent?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get, but also one that is subject to the most Chinese whispers and incorrect information. We all know someone who’s friends uncle has renovated without consent and it was fine, but was it?Today we’ll take a short but sweet dive into bathroom renovations and establish what can be achieved without a building consent.

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There are always a few considerations to make before establishing whether we can complete a renovation without consent, and these considerations are transferable to laundries/wash rooms as well. Let’s start with the big one –

1. Is there a bathroom there already?

There needs to be an existing bathroom in place before it can be renovated. You’d be surprised at the amount of queries we get asking if we can put an en suite bathroom in to a bedroom without consent. Unfortunately if there are no sanitary fixtures in place we cannot add new ones without a building consent.

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If you are removing walls and changing the layout extensively then this may require consent – especially if these changes effect the structural integrity of the home. Small changes to layout, as long as they are not structural, may be OK, but always best to check with a licensed builder and/or designer.

3. Are you adding any sanitary fixtures?

A consent isn’t required if you are not increasing the number of sanitary fittings. You can upgrade and reposition a vanity, bath, shower or toilet within an existing bathroom space, move a toilet from a separate compartment to an adjoining bathroom; or remove a bath with a shower over and replace with proprietary shower unit; all without

4. Tiled wet area showers

This one is a hugely dividing aspect and one that is quite often misunderstood by clients and builders alike, and rightly so as the literature that dictates what requires consent states that tiled wet area showers require consent, leading many to believe you cannot install a tiled shower. We’re here to clear that up. The confusion arises as most are unsure what a “wet area shower” i

s – A wet area shower is one where the floor of the ‘wet area’ or ‘level-entry’ shower is a continuation of the floor of the bathroom, rather than a separate raised shower tray or cubicle.

This means a tiled shower can be installed without consent as long as there is a threshold at the entry/surround of the shower. This is almost unnoticeable as generally your glass shower enclosure will sit on top.


Yes, you can renovate your bathroom without a consent, but it is always advised to choose a renovation specialist that is well versed in building legislation and completes these kinds of projects regularly. Be sure to check that all sub trades used are certified to provide producer statements for any works they carry out and and that maintenance and warranty info is provided. Outlast Builders handle all of this as part of our specialty renovation process.

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