Helpful Project-Starter Tips From Central Auckland’s Top Renovation Specialists

Helpful Project-Starter Tips From Central Auckland’s Top Renovation Specialists

Whether you’re renovating for the first time or you have done it before, it’s important to remember that each project is bespoke with its own unique characteristics. Here are some tips from our renovation specialists’ teams that have helped our Central Auckland clients.

Once you have decided to renovate you are suddenly faced with thousands of decisions. Renovation specialists work through thousands of tiny & big details with every project and having their insights can help you alleviate some of the pressure.

Of course, we welcome you to call us and ask us for more advice.

Convenient Key Lock Box

The best way to reduce renovation stress is to not live in the home while you are renovating. This could mean you have to drive to the property early every morning to open up and back again to lock up. A key lock box is a handy little pod allowing specific contractors to access keys during the day and store keys safely overnight. This will save a lot of time, frustration and carbon footprint.

Delay Some Decisions

You don’t have to start with all the decisions made upfront. Spend time in the space before deciding on wall paint colours, rugs or flooring finish and lighting.

If you are removing walls or enlarging windows this will affect how the paint is viewed in your house. Wait for those changes then paint a sample of the paint on the different walls.

Renovations Take Time

When renovating or doing a new build, there are always human and project factors that cause deadlines to move. You might see tiling laid out in your home and decide against them. Or, one of the key contractors could fall ill. Most homeowners do not know the time needed for the multiple steps in each task. Be realistic with time expectations.

Old Homes & Their Secretes

Old homes hold their secrets close to their chests and a renovation has the habit of revealing those secrets.

Your flooring contractor might show you a misaligned or rotting floor joist. This will need replacement but no one could have predicted. You might choose a light fitting that is particularly heavy and the ceiling structure will need reinforcing – which takes time.

Start With Your Kitchen

If you have saved up a budget for a home renovation then the kitchen should be your starting point. It has the biggest financial impact on your sale price (bathrooms next). Bedrooms and lounges are not your starting points. You will recover at least seventy-five per cent of the kitchen’s value when you sell, if not multiples of its value.

Start with areas that will be the dirtiest and get them out of the way. Seal off doorways and corridor entrances with plastic and tape. A thorough kitchen remodelling can take a couple of months so if you are living in the space then you will need to set up a temporary kitchen somewhere.

Filter Your Design Ideas

This is not the easiest to achieve but it is important that you filter out your design ideas before talking to interior designers or home renovators. The stronger your ideas are, the more certain you will be in decision-making and you will not be talked out of your vision.

Also, keep your designer strictly on your budget. Don’t allow them to purchase expensive materials and charge you for them later. If you try to stay within a specific time frame, your costs will remain low, too.

Get the best advice from central Auckland’s top renovation specialists.

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