North Shore Renovation Specialists Advise On Renovation Spaces To Focus On

North Shore Renovation Specialists Advise On Renovation Spaces To Focus On

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A person’s home is probably the biggest ticket item in their asset portfolio so protecting it and keeping it updated is vital for the long-term return on investment. A renovation that includes recladding will catapult your home into the 22nd century (not a typo) and ensure it scores high on marketability scales – and envy levels from friends.

So, get ready for a renovation with a reclad! To maximise your project spend, our renovation specialists recommend you focus on these key aspects of your north shore home.

Cladding Selection

Choosing the right cladding is a key factor in your north shore renovation project. What style are you aiming for? Contemporary designs look good with cedar, Abodo and aluminium colour-coated cladding. You can achieve a European Contemporary look but using two cladding materials e.g. cedar or aluminium with painted brick. For a contemporary Cape Cod look, choose a classic bevel-edged weatherboard or go gabled American Barn style with aluminium cladding and expansive sliding panels or doors.

Curbside Appeal

Chat to our renovation specialists in North Shore about maximising your property’s curbside appeal as it has a huge impact on your resale value.

They will discuss the front fencing or wall, the gate and the street-facing facades of the house. Some budget should be allocated for landscaping at the entrance or from the front gate to the front door. You will easily recoup this expenditure in your resale price as an impressive ‘welcoming vista’ influences buyers.

Flex Out The Flow

If you are able to include it then look at improving the flow in the interior and exterior. Opening up living areas doesn’t always require installing beams as sometimes removing single brick walls, adding a lintel and leaving the columns is sufficient. Consider modernising your flooring or, if they are timber, sanding and resealing them with a contemporary, eco-friendly sealer. And, of course, a fresh lick of paint is THE best way to revamp any interior!

Warm Wishes

Wish for a warmer interior but dread the energy bill every time you switch on a heater? Look at installing heat pumps which are highly energy efficient. The recladding of your home will already greatly improve the internal temperature and if you convert to double glazing windows with insulation in your ceiling then the difference will be dramatic.

As a treat, you could add a firepit to your outside deck.

Big Return On Investment Areas Of The Home

Your kitchen and bathrooms are very important asset areas within the home. Benchtop trends have changed substantially over the past as well as splashbacks. With stunning new composite and ceramic benchtop designs available and glass sheet splashbacks, you can create a beautiful heart of the home with an island, scullery and breakfast counter.

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