Plan A Stress-Free North Shore Recladding Project!

Plan A Stress-Free North Shore Recladding Project!

Your North Shore home renovation and recladding project can be an exciting idea that you have had in the pipeline for years. The anticipation can soon turn to anxiety when decision lists keep growing and builders are tapping their fingers waiting for answers.

Before pressing the GO button, we recommend you allocate time to plan your project and set up realistic expectations.

Here are the main things that will help alleviate stress.

Build The Budget

Setting up a budget is a crucial first planning step as it influences what and how work will be done.

It gives you peace of mind that what you are starting can be finished and you won’t be left without a roof or wall.

You may not know what budget to allocate so it helps to write up what you would like done, get a thumbsuck estimate from your home renovation specialists and then add twenty per cent on for contingency.

Property Inspection

The condition of your home’s structure will significantly impact the cost and outcome of your renovation project. If your door frames, for example, are very old and have deteriorated then putting new doors on them is not a good idea.

Get your renovation or home recladding specialist to inspect your North Shore property’s structure for stability, pest infestations and water damage and quantify the cost of the repair.

Roof Condition

Your roof is a key part of asset protection. Not only does it protect the walls, plaster, frames, windows and doors, but it also protects floors, furniture, electronics and the list goes on.

This vital element needs lots of attention, maintenance and care. Damaged or missing roof tiles can result in water damage to trusses, insulation and ceiling boards as well as electrical installations in the roof space. Have the cost of a thorough roof assessment and maintenance included in your budget.

Doors And Windows

These hard-working elements have moving parts, face the worst of the weather and are often leant against by your family. This equals lots of stress. They can affect your thermal integrity as well as your waterproofing. Have an inspection of them included in your budget and ascertain if a quick repair will suffice or if a replacement is needed. If a replacement is necessary, it is highly recommended that you replace them with double-glazing as this will save you money in the long run as well as help our ailing planet.

Electrics, Plumbing & Airconditioning

Add an inspection of your electrical, plumbing and airconditioning systems. Problems in these areas can quickly add up to big amounts so you don’t want surprises. A renovation is an excellent time to update an aging electrical or plumbing system. Rather plan into your budget than have it as an emergency extra halfway through the project.

Still feeling lost? No problem. Give your North Shore home recladding & renovations specialists a call today!

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