Renovating for the Future – Part 1

Renovating for the Future – Part 1

As kiwis it is in our DNA to renovate, add on to and alter our existing homes. From a simple bathroom or kitchen to a complete redesign & rebuild of epic proportions, we are drawn to making our home environment better.

Mona Vale
Project – Parr Terrace

In this 3 part series, we will cover tips on trends, reasons for renovating, ways to plan for the future and a whole lot more.

Let’s jump straight in!

Top Renovation Trends for 2021/22

After spending more time at home in 2020 than ever before, homeowners have realized that that their existing properties no longer suit their lifestyles or needs. Here are 6 of the top trends to consider when renovating.

Home Gyms

With sporadic lockdowns throughout the year, more people have become accustomed to exercising at home, and enjoyed it! Sales in gym & exercise equipment have jumped up dramatically, and people are now looking to create dedicated and functional home gyms that look the part!

“Fitness equipment sales grew by 170% during lockdown”

Home Gym

Home Offices

Following the lockdown theme, working form home has become the new normal. The need for not only a functional office space, but one that inspires and creates an atmosphere conducive to success is a must. These can be as simple as a well designed study nook all the way up to a minor dwelling completely dedicated to work.

Study Area

More Natural Light

Sun-drenched live-work spaces are key to boosting productivity and staying positive, so it’s no wonder windows and skylights are in the limelight in 2021. “We are also seeing more people opt to add blinds and automation to improve the comfort and daylight experience,” says Velux‘s Arethea Harris.


Outdoor Areas

By early predictions, the timing of when most have received the vaccine may coincide with the return of summer. That means people may be able to more safely host smaller gatherings again, especially if held outside.

Outdoor spaces have never been more valuable – and that trend continues into 2022. Homeowners now want the outside to be as grand as the inside, whether that means adding a pergola, inground pool, water features, outdoor kitchen or firepit. For many, the backyard now takes the forefront.

Swimming pool
Project – Rame Rd, Greenhithe

Bathroom Sanctuary

The bathroom is the frontrunner for the most-popular room to renovate. Heated floors, wet rooms and freestanding tubs are some of the elements we’re prioritizing. “We’re building more features like steam rooms and adding spa details,” says designer Brian Gluckstein.

Project – Long Bay Dr, Torbay


Though an open-plan layout is usually top of the reno wish list, this year we want separated spaces that better accommodate remote working and learning. “For young families, an open plan is great for keeping an eye on the kids, but people are appreciating the value of shutting a door for some alone time,”

Keep an eye out for the next article in the series

Where we’ll cover the top reasons for renovating & why now’s the best time to do so!

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