Tips of The Trade – Bathroom Renovations

Tips of The Trade – Bathroom Renovations

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house – so it its no surprise that its also the first choice for most homeowners when they think about renovating.

A well renovated bathroom will increase sale value of the property, equity and not to mention give the home a modern feel.

We’ve compiled some tips and tricks to lead you through your renovation and avoid the many pitfalls associated with bathroom renovations.

1. Budget

When thinking about renovating your bathroom, having a clear and honest budget in mind will help you realize what is possible with your space. The standard bathroom renovation will cost between $20,000 and $30,000 , if you are completely re designing the bathroom (moving positions of fixtures/adding new fixtures etc) this cost will climb up. A bathroom may seem like a small room to renovate but in reality there will be up to 10 trades involved in the process.

2. Can i expect extra costs

Yes. A general rule is that there will be some degree of water ingress (depending on the age of the house) so some form of remediation is to be expected. Depending on who completes the work, a good company will be able to point out areas of concern prior to any work commencing, and give you an indicative idea of what to expect.

3. to DIY or not to DIY

Our answer to this question will always be the same – while it may seem easy on the surface, its all too common for homeowners to get in over their head while having a crack at renovating their bathroom, leading to costly repairs or an unsatisfactory finish. Always use professionals and qualified contractors for bathroom works. Outlast Builders Limited has a select group of contractors we work hand in hand with when completing bathroom works, meaning our high level of finish is maintained across all of our projects.

Bathroom Renovations
Project – Ormonde drive

4. Spacial Awareness

It may seem pointless to engage an architect for such a small space, but they can maximize the space to its highest potential.

Little things like removing doors and installing cavity sliders can give you much more usable space, and placement of fixtures and vanities can have a huge impact on how the room feels.

We have a vast knowledge when it comes to bathrooms and maximizing your space, which can save you money in the design process.

5. Ventilation

It is absolutely necessary – by law if you don’t have a window it is required, but even if you do we always recommend installing an extractor. an under ventilated bathroom will create mould, not only in the bathroom.

6. Do i need a bath?

Most properties will have 2 or more bathrooms – if you already have a bath elsewhere in the house it may be an idea to look at removing this one, as it will open up the space, creating larger shower areas, a his/her vanity setup, or additional storage for all those necessities.

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